The 8 Mobile Visibility Factors That Drive Sales

As a multi-location brand, you want to appear on potential customers’ mobile phones as they’re looking for what you sell near them. Yet the rules of winning that visibility have changed radically in the past months. You better believe that smaller, nible Mom-and-Pop shops and your competitors alike are paying attention to the new rules and technologies. In order to keep the edge, you must too.  

In The 8 Mobile Visibility Factors report, we have identified eight of the most critical elements influencing whether your customers find you or your competitor on their devices.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  1. What is mobile visibility and why should every multi-location brand care?
  2. Are location inaccuracies “normal” and how do they impact in-store sales?
  3. What are Mom-and-Pop shops doing that you should pay attention to?
  4. Recognizing that time and resources are finite, what are THE most important factors to focus on to get mobile customers to your door?