As a brand with dozens or hundreds of brand locations, you’ve invested in mobile marketing, SEO, SEM and social media’s organic and paid channels. How do you know which efforts are really driving foot traffic and in-store sales?

Online to offline conversion is a big deal. Brands have been struggling to correlate all those investments in online efforts directly with foot traffic and sales. Finally, you can take concrete steps to ensure that your brand is the best choice when a customer is actively looking for what you offer, rather than just being in the right proximity. 

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:
  • Directly attribute all online marketing campaigns to foot traffic trends
  • Execute and measure Facebook ad campaigns and optimize for in-store conversion
  • Measure mobile activity on Google and Facebook and its direct contribution to both offline sales- on a per-location and/or regional basis
  • Correlate foot traffic trends to in-store sales, without expensive in-store sampling or post-visit surveys
  • Measure real ROI on mobile
We’ll cover how you can leverage the power of social networks and quantify all marketing efforts without a loyalty card or other personal identifier. These attribution tips and strategies are now available literally for the first time to brands.
Derek Browers
Vice President of Product

Carey Bettencourt
Chief Client Officer

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