Multi-location restaurants, retailers and service businesses are all faced with a new challenge...82% of consumers perform unbranded local searches.

In other words, consumers are looking for “nitro cold brew” rather than a particular coffee brand, and as many as 99% will choose the locations that appear in the Google 3-Pack, closest to them, and have the best reviews.

Join us on September 5th at 10am PST / 1pm EST for a 15 minute webinar where you’ll learn:

  1. The facts around unbranded searches today and the new brand-agnostic consumer
  2. What Proximity Search Optimization™ is and how it differs from SEO and how to get YOUR brand noticed
  3. The most important factors in local search in an era when Google is making 3,000+ algorithm changes per year.

By attending this webinar you’ll receive a free copy of our new groundbreaking report, The Rapid Death of Mobile Brand Search.

Featured Speakers:

Derek Browers
SVP of Product
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Jim D’Arcangelo
Chief Marketing Officer
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Nancy A Shenker
Marketing Executive