Did you know that 62% of event goers use Facebook to learn about events1 and 35 million people view a public event on Facebook each day?2

Since event attendees often use Facebook and Google to learn about and register for events, brands can't afford not to post events on local pages.

But for brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, creating and managing events for each local Facebook and Google My Business page is nearly an impossible task.

Introducing Events Manager, a solution that enables multi-location brands to create and manage events at scale on their local Facebook and Google My Business pages – in one place.

Learn how Events Manager enables you to:

  1. Create and manage events on your local Facebook and Google My Business pages
  2. Attract new customers and engage loyal fans
  3. Respond to inbound queries from within the MomentFeed platform
  4. Save time, resources, and your sanity!

12017 Year in Live Experiences Report, StubHub, December 7, 2017

Featured Speaker:

Michael Walter
Senior Product Manager, MomentFeed

As a Senior Product Manager at MomentFeed, Michael Walter translates feedback and vision from multi-location businesses into powerful solutions that drive real business results.