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The consumer buying trends of just two years ago are dead and gone. Everything now points to a world where mobile reigns. By the latest measurements, mobile influences 56% of all offline sales – with no signs of slowing down – which means those brands and agencies that want to turn mobile consumers into customers must adjust their strategy to put mobile first.

We’re hosting a webinar to outline exactly how mobile has evolved and how you can make these changes your competitive advantage.

Attend and learn:

•    Strategies to maximize the entire mobile consumer experience

•    Network and industry-specific metrics you can use to benchmark your performance.

•    How you can apply this to drive foot-traffic at each of your locations 

Featured Speakers:

Vishal Naik
Director of Product Marketing, MomentFeed

As Director of Product Marketing for MomentFeed, Vishal helps marketers understand mobile and consumer trends and how they impact the needs of multi-location brands

Vishal Naik
Product Manager

As a Product Manager, Greg is responsible for defining and managing the product roadmaps for MomentFeed's Social Media and Review Management products.

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