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Maintaining accurate local landing pages on your brand website is just as critical as managing pages on major networks like Google and Facebook. Local landing pages are the most authoritative signal that search engines use to recommend a location to consumers.

As brands have different expertise and resources for creating and maintaining their critical local landing pages, MomentFeed offers two options: Templates and Widgets.

Location Finder Templates

Templates enable brands to implement beautiful, SEO-ready pages quickly with the location-specific information consumers need. Templates are configured and hosted by MomentFeed, and can be rolled out quickly with minimal effort by the brand.

  • Mobile-first design, with quick page loads and the information consumers on mobile need to see
  • Focused on location content like photos and calls-to-action to influence consumers to choose that location

Location Finder Widgets

Widgets enable brands to enhance or build their own local landing pages quickly with their MomentFeed data using simple, elegant, SEO-ready components. Brands maintain full control over their pages, as they are developed and hosted in-house or by the brand’s agency. Brands can choose from multiple widgets to provide location-specific content to engage and convert consumers.

  • Location-specific widgets include location details, social icons, menus, reviews, promotional images and custom buttons (for online ordering, reservations, appointments and more)
  • Widgets incorporate SEO best practices and meta data
  • Data behind the widgets is managed by MomentFeed

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